Favorite Websites

* My Father’s Blog – Go here for some inspiration and to find out about his first book, ‘The Feeling Universe.’ My number one inspiration, best friend and Spiritual Souldier.

* Do It Yourself Natural – I’m in love with making my own personal care products and DIY projects – anything to unplug from the matrix. This site is a great resource for natural, easy to follow recipes with some only requiring few ingredients.

* Top Documentary Films – A site I frequent for a variety of genres of documentaries

* 8Tracks – Internet radio: Pick your favorite genre of music then pick from a bunch of different playlists.

* True Divine NatureMatt Kahn is a wonderful spiritual teacher. I resonate very much with much of what he shares. He’s very articulate, tuned in and funny.

* Teal Scott: The Spiritual Catalyst – I love her teachings so much. She has endured a horrific childhood yet she is incredibly enlightened. Those who are familiar with the Spirit Science teachings will know who she is.



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