I’m Back!


Now that I have your attention and hopefully made you laugh, I have good news to share. If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you may have read that I have been without a laptop since the beginning of the year, which made blogging anything of length difficult and far too time consuming. Good news is I now have a laptop with the fastest internet I’ve ever had and I will be posting on here again more often!! *happy dance*

I feel like there’s so much I want to share with all of you and I’m not sure on where I’m going to start. I’ll do what I always do and allow divine inspiration to guide me.

If there’s anything you want to me to discuss, please let me know in the comments below.

It’s way past my bedtime, but I had to share my excitement, so until next time, be easy.

Big love,


Housekeeping! FYI Re: Comments

Hi all!

Just a reminder that when you are submitting a comment, submitting your e-mail address is optional – your comment will still go through without the ‘e-mail address’ and ‘website’ section filled out. And if you do submit your e-mail address, it is never made public and I’m the only one who sees it. So for those of you concerned about being spammed, fear no more! 😉

Now that we cleared that up – don’t be shy to say hi! 🙂

Until next time,
Big love xo


Peace is Possible

Check out the latest post from My Feeling Universe. The last video brought tears to my eyes. Peace is possible! My love for all of humanity makes my heart want to burst. If you’re reading this, please don’t lose hope – the world needs our light more now than ever. So stand tall in your beautiful, bright light – I see you, each and every one of you.
With love,

The Feeling Universe

In keeping with my theme – ‘we can make a difference’, I came across a short video (see first link below) which echoes what I have been writing about in many of my articles of late. It’s nice to hear other folks talk about coming together, united in a common cause for the betterment of all mankind. We can no longer afford to sit back and ignore the suffering of others, the environmental destruction, chemtrails aka geo-engineering, political injustices etc. and say it has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with you and me. If we ever want to truly consider ourselves civilized, then now is the time to take a long hard look at the world and ourselves and get involved in something where you can make a positive change. No more passing the buck or making excuses for not being able to find a…

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Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Okay, okay…it’s more of – where have I been? I’m glad you asked…Spain, Australia and Costa Rica. Okay, slight over-exaggeration. While I would love to say I’ve been traveling across this beautiful globe and have several exciting stories to share with you, I don’t. 😦 Not yet anyways. I have had a busy last couple of months packing, unpacking, cleaning – all things to get ready to move into my new apartment. The summer wasn’t very warm and many days it rained but I did my best to get outside as much as possible.

I’ve started running, which is new to me. I’ve tried all kinds of different exercises, and usually gravitate to weight training and yoga. So my cardio is to be desired so I’m happy to have worked my way up to running for 4 minutes then rest for 1 and repeat…enough times to test my mental strength to push through. Running in the rain, by the way, AWESOME!

I’ve been posting more regularly on my Facebook page so if you haven’t checked it out yet and feel led to do so, here it is!

Speaking of which, I came across this article posted on someone else’s Facebook page, which is what inspired me to come here. Check out this link titled, “Why My Longterm Relationship With Singledom Is Just Fine.”So while many of my friends spend hours trying to dissect what that lack of an exclamation point in a text really means, I’m free to frolic about and do whatever the hell I please.’ She makes so many valid points in this article on a topic that is very seldom discussed. And while I am tempted to allow myself to become very long-winded, I will allow this article to speak for itself. Well, for the most part. 🙂

It’s MORE than okay to be single. I think the vast majority of people who are in relationships aren’t even happy (it’s a reflection of their own personal unhappiness but that’s a whole other topic). Allowing ourselves the space and time to get to know ourselves and the world outside of being in a relationship is absolutely one of the best things we can do for yourself. Love you. Get to know you. And understand that when you do find that special person, it is not to complete you, it is to compliment you.


With love, always.

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Yummy In My Tummy

I discovered tonight what is one of my favorite dinner dishes…baked cauliflower!! No, that wasn’t a joke and…I know…BORING but delicious! It’s so good – I wanted to share the recipe with you. I’ll use recipe loosely because a lot of the time I don’t measure ingredients unless I know it will really screw up what I’m making if I don’t. I’m also no chef in the kitchen, at least not yet I’m not. It was only within the last year I purchased measuring cups. I’m slowing building my kitchen gadgetry.

Here’s the scoop. I’ve been cutting out a lot of meat and dairy from my diet for the last while now – not consciously though, I just don’t have a taste for it anymore. I can’t stop thinking about the poor furbabies 😦 but that’s a whole other topic. I’ve also been pretty sick the last few times after I ate beef (food poisoning had been ruled out) so I don’t eat it anymore. I’ve made it a promise to myself to listen to my body whether that’s more sleep, no beef etc. Some times, the hints are subtle…others, not so much. Anyways, this requires some creativity in the kitchen where most of the life, I’ve based my meals around meat being the main part of the meal. And most of my life, I’ve never spent a whole lot of time in the kitchen either.

Tonight, I bring you baked cauliflower. Super simple to make and only a few ingredients required.

What you’ll need:
– 1/2 head of cauliflower
– dill, garlic, salt to taste
– fresh lemon juice
– extra virgin olive/coconut oil
– mozzarella cheese (optional)
– roaster or baking sheet

Preheat oven to *450F. (I don’t know how to make the degrees symbol, haha!) 🙂 Chop up your cauliflower into bite size pieces and put it in the roaster pan. I used my glass, approx. 3″ deep baking dish (roaster) so it was easier to stir the cauliflower once it started to cook. Sprinkle with dill, garlic and salt to your preferences. I love garlic so I go to town when I use it. I didn’t have fresh dill or garlic so I used dried dill and garlic power (fresh dill and garlic would have been yummier). Drizzle with the oil, approximately 1/4 cup but I just started pouring and stopped when I thought it was thoroughly covered. Give a couple good squirts of fresh lemon juice, stir and bake in the oven for approximately 18 minutes*. Stir occasionally to make sure all pieces are cooked evenly. Optional: sprinkle shredded cheese over top and enjoy!

This dish cools down quite quickly so if you’re going to sprinkle with cheese, do so right after you take it out of the oven.

*Note: my oven is ancient and cooks at a higher temperature that what it says. 450F in my oven is closer to 500F. And I like them a little crispy and brown so I cooked it for a few extra minutes.


Yummy In My Tummy

I will admit it tastes better than it looks and I took this picture after I ate half of it. First foodie pic fail. I will also admit, my foodie pictures are to be desired. 😉

What’s your favorite dish you’ve tried for the first time recently? Share in the comment section below – I’d love to hear about them!

With love…and a full tummy.
S. xo


Planet Earth, You Are Beautiful!

I haven’t shared many of my own with you since I got my new job…that is almost 2 months ago! Anyone else feeling as though time is speeding up? Wow. I miss writing. But as of late, there hasn’t been anything that inspired me to write words. I’ve posted many videos that have inspired me. I sense there will be many inspiring things to come over the course of the this spring and summer. Stay tuned…

Spring has started to finally show it’s beauty around my neck of the woods and it’s been long over due. 6 months of winter (Welcome to Canada) and not nearly enough sunshine and fresh air has been making me feel restless and uninspired. This has been a weird feeling for me since I’m usually not overly affected by the weather. BUT the sun is shining and the birds are chirping on this beautiful Saturday morning and I can’t wait to get outside to enjoy some of it.

As I was leaving my apartment yesterday morning on my way to work, there was this beautiful lady bug right at eye level on the outside of the door. I love when nature makes its presence known, in out of the ordinary ways. I knew it was going to be a good day as I smiled to the universe.

This video is simply breath taking. Yosemite National Park. I was inspired to share it with all of you because on this beautiful, sunny day, I’m feeling extra love for our planet – feeling more connected with All-That-Is. Earth is truly a magnificent place to live. I feel blessed to be here in this time and space. I also have an itch to start exploring more of Earth’s beauty…to get out there and start creating some amazing experiences. This spring and summer is going to fantastic! Spring is a time of renewal, growth, blossoming and I feel the same within me!

All is well in my world and I hope the same for you all.

Namaste beautiful beings.

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‘An Open Letter To My Future Lover’

An Open Letter to My Future Lover. ~ Melanie Curtin

I feel like this article can be interpreted in a few ways. All of which are equally as beautiful. I feel it can be interpreted as her letter to her ideal future mate. It can also be read as though she is speaking to herself – her higher, spiritual self, speaking to herself. (Did I lose you on that one?) But since we are all connected in this universal web, is it not one of the same thing? 😉

Love is not an ‘out there’ journey – it is and always will be found within you. It is you.


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How To Get A Job Without Applying For One

What?! How, you say? Read on, friend…

As some of you may know, I have been working in retail for 10 years…for the same company. I’ve only had one job but in 2 different cities. Clearly, I don’t rank overly high on the spontaneous scale in the career area. I got a college education and graduated with distinction a.k.a. honors. I applied for a few jobs, landed one interview and a job offer (to which I declined). In the midst of all of this, my life changed. The way in which I view the world and how it worked broadened, my understanding of the Universe and creation of our species all changed, but for the better. (Thank you so much, Dad for showing me the way!)

Everything was brought into focus in a way that I felt I was beginning to look at the world with brand new eyes. I finally started feeling like Life Itself was starting to make sense as I was getting answers to questions I remember asking myself as a child. I discovered The Law of Attraction and The Art of Allowing. This is why I never pursued my career in my chosen field – but that’s a post for another time.

Fast forward…

A few weeks ago, everything I know to be true about how the world works was all confirmed in a rather unconventional, completely unexpected way. I have been asking the Universe, putting thoughts out there for some time now (years) about wanting something more for a career. I knew I did not want to be in retail for the rest of my existence. I have so many interests and have had a hard time deciding where to go or what should my next step be. I have an ego that is slightly fear based which likes comfort. Fast forward 5 years after I graduated college and I am still at the same job – content to have enough money to pay my bills and have a little left over for myself.  The people I work with are great – we’re like a family.  But I’ve wanted more. I saw myself doing something where I was being challenged mentally and where I could use the skills I have to do more than be a cashier.

Please don’t misinterpret that statement as a judgement on those who work in retail. Working in retail is a hard job, a lot more challenging that many realize. I feel that everyone should work in retail for a month at Christmas time so maybe then it would teach people to be more considerate and respectful to those in the service industry. Working with the general public can already be tricky enough but where I’ve been working, many customers have substance abuse issues and mental health problems, and loss prevention issues consistently pop up on a daily basis. But I wouldn’t have changed it for the world because I have had the opportunity to practice many of the things I have learned over the years on my spiritual path. Contrast = growth and there has been plenty of opportunities for that. Haha!

Long of the short…or the short of the long of it, truth be told – my new job found me. I did not apply for this job, I hadn’t even started searching for jobs yet. My new bosses have been customers at where I work since the buildings are right beside one another. They approached me about the job 3 times before I took them up on the offer to go in for an interview. They saw something in me – potential to be their future employee. I went in for 2 interviews – my first interviews in about 5 years (yes, nerve racking but I played this quick video over and over again and it really helped!). And I was offered the job not long after my second interview. They had originally offered the job to another woman so I went through the motions of disappointment etc. and then within a matter of days, she reconsidered for whatever reason and they got in touch with me to offer me the position. Now how cool is all of this?!

Morals of the story
Be nice to everyone.
Be your awesome self! Treat people with respect because you honestly never know who will be your future boss or someone you will have a connection with down the road – or what opportunity you just missed out on because you used someone as your emotional punching bag.

The Law of Attraction WORKS! This is how things work. You literally don’t have to go searching – things, experiences, people will come into your experience that will be a match to the thoughts and vibes you are putting out. Your work is to choose wisely what you are going to put your attention to. Remember: There is no such thing as ‘No’ to the Universe.

The Art of Allowing WORKS! This is more about being that doing. As soon as I decided I was ready for something new, I did my very best every day to not push against the fact I was still working in retail and not there – doing that job I didn’t know I wanted. In other words, I made peace with what was so I could make room for what was to come. And so I wasn’t miserable and enjoying life until my next adventure came around.

You cannot ask for something and push against (a.k.a. complain, focus on all the things you dislike about the current situation etc.) the very thing that caused your new desire and expect anything different to come into your reality. Why? Because your thoughts and your energetic vibration (yes, people – we are energetic beings, the sooner you comes to terms with this, the more fun you will have) are focused on what you don’t have – the lack. You say, I want a new job – but your energy is in resistance to what your current job is. Resistance just gets you more of what is. But it will have a different face or location perhaps. And you don’t want that. You have to find a way to get yourself off the emotional hamster wheel. I focused on the people and customers I got to work with, the fact I had a job when many do not, my 3 weeks vacation – the things I like about my job. Your attitude towards what is – is paving the way for what’s to come and is also shaping your perspective of what is. Your choice – you always have a choice.

I’m getting rather long winded here but there’s one other important aspect to all of this: Change and stepping out of our comfort zones. I enjoy interviews. Said no one ever. It’s a nerve racking process. So is leaving behind my second home for the last 8 years, saying good-bye to my friends and favorite customers, closing the chapter I’ve read over and over again and turning to the next page. But what’s come out of all this, is more than a new and exciting job with great bosses and co-workers (my own office, no evenings or weekend shifts, and more money – little brag there, hehe!) 🙂 – I have new found confidence in myself. I’m feeling pretty great that I’ve manifested this into my life. On the other side of the nerves and the unknown – aside from less frequent trips to the bathroom, sweaty palms and the dreaded, “I feel like I’m going to puke” feeling – is growth, a better understanding and appreciation of ourselves and great experiences…a.k.a. LIFE!

We will be more upset with ourselves for missing an opportunity out of fear of the unknown than we will for trying it with our best foot forward, even if it doesn’t turn out how we hoped. But what if it does? What if it even surpasses our wildest expectations?! For me, that is something worth finding out!

With love, always.


Spirituality and the Ego

Some thoughts my Father shares on ego and spirituality. Have a look – he makes some valid points worth pondering. And while you are there, should you feel led to do so, you can check out some info on his new book! Namaste cosmic friends.

The Feeling Universe

The ego mind is stealthy indeed as it can creep into every aspect of our life if we are not vigilant. Over the past little while I have come across a number of articles claiming to be of a spiritual nature yet their underlying theme is one of – I am right and you are wrong. One particular email I received even contained at least six photos of some of the most prominent spiritual teachers of our time with a caption stating, I will paraphrase here, “ignore the teaching of these people in particular.” Regardless of what the rest of the email had to say became of no interest to me. I am no longer going to entertain any philosophies, spiritual or otherwise, that claim to have all the right answers or put someone else. Is there any difference between that and many of our current religions which tend to…

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