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Zeitgeist: Blowing The Lid Off “Reality”

I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch this documentary film. We have been for far too long, living in an illusion. So much of what we believe is the “truth” is nothing but LIES. What you think you know about religion, war, banks, the government, media isn’t what you think it is if you’ve never questioned anything you have been told. What we have been told by the government, media and religion from the time we decide to incarnate on this planet is bullshit. A very complicated, well played out scheme is happening to keep us dumbed-down and complacent.

The topics discussed in this film are so vast, I’d have my own 2 hour film I could make on my opinions, thoughts and feelings. Much of this I already knew, but I learned more in depth specifics. Talk about eye opening! Although some of these images in this film hurt my heart – it is what is happening and has happened for centuries all over the world. Society is a reflection of us as a whole. Of course it doesn’t reflect all of us, but it certainly represents the vast majority of us.

It is to wake-up and ignite that spark within each of us. Empowerment doesn’t mean Fight The Good Fight. Fighting anything only creates more of it. War on this and war on that – creates more war. Please don’t let this understanding and knowledge extinguish your light. Let it bring forth a desire and fuel to create a better world. And if it means getting angry to stop the complacency then get angry! And although I don’t have an exact solution to end all the corruption and puppeteering (I wish I did) that has been part of our human experience, what I do know is knowledge is power. Opening our eyes, asking questions, stopping the sheep mentality – awareness is the first step in making change. Our internal world HAS to change, before our external world will.

I am so hopeful and optimistic for humanity – this is the Age of Awakening. Many of us are no longer following the crowd and this excites me…and is likely causing these shadow government officials to shit their pants. 🙂

1306272327415214-signs-of-a-spiritual-awakeningKick back, relax and listen with an open mind – I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and feelings on this in the comments section.

With fire in my eyes and love in my heart, I will keep shining my light so others can find their way home. I hope you choose to do the same.

With love, always.


Through The Wormhole Documentary Series

Through The Wormhole Documentary Series

Hosted by the awesome, Morgan Freeman. Great 2 season series. Here’s a bit on what you can expect:

“…Through the Wormhole will explore the deepest mysteries of existence – the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity. What are we made of? What was there before the beginning? Are we really alone? Is there a creator? These questions have been pondered by the most exquisite minds of the human race.”



Documentary Time! “THRIVE”

For those of you have watched the Sirius documentary film, this documentary discusses some of the same topics – free energy – exposing what our governments real agendas are, now and in the past.

“THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s “really” going on in our world by following the money upstream – uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.” (Source:

Some of the information presented here is unsettling; however, knowledge is power. I’d rather be taken out of my comfort zone to know the truth than to live comfortably, hidden behind a veil of lies and illusions. Take what you learn here to empower yourself – we deserve to live in a world based on transparency. It’s wake-up time and I am thrilled to see others doing work that is shifting the paradigm of humanity for the betterment of everyone.

It really is time for us to THRIVE not just survive!

Much love,


Sirius Documentary Trailer- It’s Time For You To Know

I understand that this topic – E.T. Disclosure and clean energy a.k.a. ‘Alien Technology’ – is a controversial topic that is surrounded by both skepticism and passion. However, I urge you to watch this trailer with an open mind – the time is NOW to know what’s really going on with in our government. Now is the time to know the truth.

And if this is something that interests you, the good news is that it is going to be released on April 22 – that’s one week from today! I am admittedly excited!

Dr. Steven Greer is the man behind this film and some of you may recognize him from the ‘Ancient Alien’ series. Here’s a link to this film’s website: Here you can find out more about the film and how you can get involved in spreading this information.

Exciting times we live in people! And I’m so thrilled more of us are waking up!

Love and light,

Update: I e-mailed them after I posted this last night so here’s the information they sent me on how to watch the premiere online. Share this with your friends – together we can help spread the truth!

The Sirius Film will be featured on the website starting on April 22nd at 8pm Pacific Time.  You can just follow the prompts to Pay Per View the film right from our home page.  All net proceeds go towards the construction of a  Clean Energy Lab.  The streaming content is available in all markets around the world on the same day and time. 
Also, don’t miss our UStream Red Carpet Coverage  on The Sirius Channel starting at 7pm Pacific Time right before the premiere of the film.  You will also get to hear Dr. Greer’s speech in that broadcast so pass it on!—the-sirius-channel.’


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The War On Consciousness

Here’s some food for thought. Although I may not agree with some of the things he has mentioned in this video – he does make some very important statements that I resonated with. I tend to be a cheerleader for those that have to courage to stand up against the status quo and share their unique stories and truths from their experiences down a road less traveled.

“Do not folloreidw where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love and Blessings,

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Fluoride- What Many of You Don’t Know

This morning I was pondering what topic to discuss today; I really wanted to write something inspiring/spiritual but nothing was standing out to me. I even searched my journal for inspiration. However, I haven’t been awake long enough-well… by my standards. For those of you who know me, it takes a good few hours before my mind becomes alert to this 3D reality, so I am going with that as to why my mind can’t focus yet. I have decided to keep it simple and discuss health, which is something new for me on this blog. New is fun!

This video is about the harmful effects of fluoride. Just because the media, your dentist and the products you buy state all of these “benefits,” it does not mean it’s true. Yes, I am saying question what you read and hear from any source. I am also saying there’s nothing wrong with healthy skepticism and curiosity. I have briefly discussed this human phenomenon of blindly following the pack in my post about Christmas, but I believe it’s so important. So again I encourage you to do your own research in all topics you feel are relevant to you and your life. Find what makes sense to you in your heart and in your gut so you can be authentic and live YOUR own life; not the life of someone else. Live the life you have created for yourself.

So back to fluoride- many cities fluoridate their water. In Canada, each city is legally obligated to publicly post what is in the tap water so check with your city’s website or call your local health unit. Even if your city does not fluoridate the water (which is great), there are still many other chemicals (i.e. chlorine) in the water. I encourage you to do some research and buy yourself a water filter that suits your needs and your budget. Note: Bottled water also contains fluoride so make sure to read the labels before you buy.

I also encourage you to switch to an all natural toothpaste; you can find ones that do not contain any fluoride, SLS or other harmful chemicals found in all other mainstream toothpastes (and beauty products for that matter). Note: Some “natural” toothpastes do contain fluoride so take the time to read the ingredients before you buy anything. I will admit that it is more expensive to buy natural toothpastes than other toothpastes; but most importantly, our health is worth it though. In my experience with using natural products, I have found I don’t need as much, a little seems to go a long way AND since I am consciously aware that ‘product A’ cost a bit more money, I use less because I don’t want to “waste my money” by using more than I need. On my ‘to do’ list this year will be to find a filter for my shower head. Our skin is our largest organ, our first line of defense against environmental pollutants and toxins so it’s important to be mindful of what our skin is absorbing, through our water and our skin care products.

If you would like to know about any of the products or water filter I use, just ask. I chose not to include it in this post because my focus was to provide you with the information on fluoride; I didn’t want to lose your attention by being too long-winded. Maybe it’s too late! 😉 As always, I’m all ears (I guess eyes in this case), so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! Here’s to a happy, healthy 2013!

Much love,


Documentary Time…Again!

This is another great documentary that covers a very wide range of topics (I’ve listed some below); hence it being 4 hours long. But don’t let that put you off. You have the option of watching it in full by clicking on the link I have provided or check out YouTube to watch in parts, or as the creator refers to as lessons. Who says you have to be in school to learn? 🙂 Learning is fun! Yep, I just said that…

When I first started to watch this documentary, I was anticipating the “cheesey” factor to be rather high since the main character of this documentary is a blue cartoon, that somewhat resembles a person? BUT! I like him and I was pleasantly surprised as how much I really enjoyed watching this! It’s definitely something worth watching again.

Here’s a list of some of the topics discussed in this documentary: Thoughts, Chakras, Channeling, Dimensions, Meditation, Astral Projection, Sacred Geometry, Evolution and DNA. There is entirely way too much information covered in this documentary to discuss any one topic at length in this post so if any of these topics interest you, or heck, if you’ve never heard of most of them…why don’t you sit down, press play and learn something new?! (Woah, longest run-on sentence thus far…I’m proud of myself, Ha! ;))

“A mind stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.”


Documentary Time!

Science and spirituality are coming together at last! This is a really good documentary focusing on Quantum Physics, neuroscience, and consciousness with interviews from experts in the science and spirituality fields.

This link does have subtitles but it is the best quality video/audio link on YouTube. If subtitles are too much of a distraction, there are many more links you can choose from. You also have the option of watching it in parts but I do encourage you to watch this in it’s entirety. It’s worth the 2 and half hours of your time! Promise. 🙂

It’s time to travel down the rabbit hole to a fascinating place with your heart and mind open! I would love to hear your thoughts on this so let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!

Love and sunshine,