About Me

I love all things spiritual – meditation, crystals, incense, energy – all of the stereotypical spiritual stuff. But I’m passionate about many things – love, health and wellness, life. I love Yoga.

I love to read books (non-fiction mostly) and watch documentaries. I’m vegetarian. I love learning. I am an animal lover; I have 2 cats, Joey and Zoey.  I absolutely love being with nature and by the water – it’s where I feel most at home.

Why does this sound and feel like I am writing an online dating profile? Ha!

Continuing on, I have a rather good sense of humor in my opinion; I am probably my biggest fan, laugh at all my jokes and I am not embarrassed to admit it. I am seldom bored for this reason.

I believe in making my own happiness my priority, so I can give my best to those I care about. I believe in being silly, laughing as much as I can and embracing my inner child; we never should completely “grow up.”

This blog is simply a collection of random glimpses of the things and experiences that inspire me on this human-spirit journey. My intention is to spread light. If someone’s heart is a little less heavy, or someone feels a little less alone in their journey, by anything I share on here, then my heart is happy. ❤

And as you read this blog, you will get a small glimpse of me into My Universe Within; I rather enjoy it in here! Since I am sharing it publicly on the Internet, I hope others like yourself, do as well.

I encourage connection; I want to hear from you so leave comments, ask questions, and/or share anything that resonates with you. Connect with me on my Facebook page too! 🙂 I would love it! I’m so thankful you are here. Welcome!

Namaste, friends.



12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for visting my blog and liking my post. I find you rather interesting so I decided to follow you too 🙂 Stay encouraged. Life is Comedy!


  2. I found your post in “the truth you always knew” . To say i get it is one thing…right? I know. I know you know. Now keep a happy thought that brings the reality of it all. It is the philosiphers stone. Never forget it. I love you. You are devine. You are god. You can do anything. I was getting frustrated with the fact this comes so natural to women, that it seemed they were the hardest get even close to grasping. I know it is possible. And you are the first material evidence i have found. The universe thanks you. … on another note… any one ever been to santa cruz? Those mountain’s and that water is my home though i am in wisconsin now. Any similar birthdays? 10/15/86. I love you steph. I am you. i am one. I am.


    1. Hi DJ!
      Wow, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words! And I also thank you for taking the time to come and check out my little blip on the blogging map! Many blessing to you on your journey. 🙂


  3. Hi Stephanie! I discovered your site today as part of a virtual quest to find and comment on a positive blog every day of 2014, while keeping a list on my own site as a reference. I’m enjoying the cheerful tone of your posts, and will likely buy a salt lamp as you suggested; it looks like just the thing to brighten an area in my house that’s in need of more light! Thanks. 🙂


    1. Hello Meg! Thank you so much for coming by and your kind words. That’s a great quest! Salt lamps are amazing – I have 2 now. One in my bedroom and one for my living room. 🙂 I’m glad you found me. I’m on my way over to you shortly! Love and light.


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