Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today marks my 2 year anniversary with WordPress! I remember the evening I decided to put my thoughts out into the world for everyone to read. It took me some time to decide if I was going to “put myself out there” but I am so glad I did. And while as of late I haven’t been writing as much, I am so thankful to you for coming by and taking the time to check out my little piece of the puzzle. Whether you are new to my blog or you’ve been following me since the beginning, I appreciate you! Go here to check out my first post – short and sweet!

And ironically, on the anniversary of my blog, I want to share this short video with you. As some of you know I don’t own a cell phone (I know, “strange for someone my age”). I did periodically over the years; It’s been in the last year and a half I stopped using it. Perhaps I will in the future; I just don’t feel I need one right now. And some of you may remember me discussing the importance of taking a media holiday – giving yourself a break from technology and doing things that feed your soul as often as possible. It’s amazing the things you’ll accomplish or catch up on.

I definitely think, like all things, technology has its place; however, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important if we aren’t conscious of the present moment… of who’s in front of us. Some of us are better at this than others. There’s no better gift to give someone or yourself than your time and undivided attention. Maybe during this holiday season, give the people you love something that can’t be wrapped – your time. Memories do last a lifetime…

I love you all.


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