Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Okay, okay…it’s more of – where have I been? I’m glad you asked…Spain, Australia and Costa Rica. Okay, slight over-exaggeration. While I would love to say I’ve been traveling across this beautiful globe and have several exciting stories to share with you, I don’t. 😦 Not yet anyways. I have had a busy last couple of months packing, unpacking, cleaning – all things to get ready to move into my new apartment. The summer wasn’t very warm and many days it rained but I did my best to get outside as much as possible.

I’ve started running, which is new to me. I’ve tried all kinds of different exercises, and usually gravitate to weight training and yoga. So my cardio is to be desired so I’m happy to have worked my way up to running for 4 minutes then rest for 1 and repeat…enough times to test my mental strength to push through. Running in the rain, by the way, AWESOME!

I’ve been posting more regularly on my Facebook page so if you haven’t checked it out yet and feel led to do so, here it is!

Speaking of which, I came across this article posted on someone else’s Facebook page, which is what inspired me to come here. Check out this link titled, “Why My Longterm Relationship With Singledom Is Just Fine.”So while many of my friends spend hours trying to dissect what that lack of an exclamation point in a text really means, I’m free to frolic about and do whatever the hell I please.’ She makes so many valid points in this article on a topic that is very seldom discussed. And while I am tempted to allow myself to become very long-winded, I will allow this article to speak for itself. Well, for the most part. 🙂

It’s MORE than okay to be single. I think the vast majority of people who are in relationships aren’t even happy (it’s a reflection of their own personal unhappiness but that’s a whole other topic). Allowing ourselves the space and time to get to know ourselves and the world outside of being in a relationship is absolutely one of the best things we can do for yourself. Love you. Get to know you. And understand that when you do find that special person, it is not to complete you, it is to compliment you.


With love, always.


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