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Yummy In My Tummy

I discovered tonight what is one of my favorite dinner dishes…baked cauliflower!! No, that wasn’t a joke and…I know…BORING but delicious! It’s so good – I wanted to share the recipe with you. I’ll use recipe loosely because a lot of the time I don’t measure ingredients unless I know it will really screw up what I’m making if I don’t. I’m also no chef in the kitchen, at least not yet I’m not. It was only within the last year I purchased measuring cups. I’m slowing building my kitchen gadgetry.

Here’s the scoop. I’ve been cutting out a lot of meat and dairy from my diet for the last while now – not consciously though, I just don’t have a taste for it anymore. I can’t stop thinking about the poor furbabies 😦 but that’s a whole other topic. I’ve also been pretty sick the last few times after I ate beef (food poisoning had been ruled out) so I don’t eat it anymore. I’ve made it a promise to myself to listen to my body whether that’s more sleep, no beef etc. Some times, the hints are subtle…others, not so much. Anyways, this requires some creativity in the kitchen where most of the life, I’ve based my meals around meat being the main part of the meal. And most of my life, I’ve never spent a whole lot of time in the kitchen either.

Tonight, I bring you baked cauliflower. Super simple to make and only a few ingredients required.

What you’ll need:
– 1/2 head of cauliflower
– dill, garlic, salt to taste
– fresh lemon juice
– extra virgin olive/coconut oil
– mozzarella cheese (optional)
– roaster or baking sheet

Preheat oven to *450F. (I don’t know how to make the degrees symbol, haha!) 🙂 Chop up your cauliflower into bite size pieces and put it in the roaster pan. I used my glass, approx. 3″ deep baking dish (roaster) so it was easier to stir the cauliflower once it started to cook. Sprinkle with dill, garlic and salt to your preferences. I love garlic so I go to town when I use it. I didn’t have fresh dill or garlic so I used dried dill and garlic power (fresh dill and garlic would have been yummier). Drizzle with the oil, approximately 1/4 cup but I just started pouring and stopped when I thought it was thoroughly covered. Give a couple good squirts of fresh lemon juice, stir and bake in the oven for approximately 18 minutes*. Stir occasionally to make sure all pieces are cooked evenly. Optional: sprinkle shredded cheese over top and enjoy!

This dish cools down quite quickly so if you’re going to sprinkle with cheese, do so right after you take it out of the oven.

*Note: my oven is ancient and cooks at a higher temperature that what it says. 450F in my oven is closer to 500F. And I like them a little crispy and brown so I cooked it for a few extra minutes.


Yummy In My Tummy

I will admit it tastes better than it looks and I took this picture after I ate half of it. First foodie pic fail. I will also admit, my foodie pictures are to be desired. 😉

What’s your favorite dish you’ve tried for the first time recently? Share in the comment section below – I’d love to hear about them!

With love…and a full tummy.
S. xo


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