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The Stranger I Met Before

Today, with my work, I attended a Career and Training Fair. Within the last 10 minutes of the event, a woman by the name of Deena came over to our booth since she’s thinking about going to school. Long story short, she started to tell us about herself and how she’d love to work with people. She started explaining her philosophy on life – law of attraction, the importance of being whole before you get into a relationship, how people mirror aspects of ourselves back to us and so much more. We covered a lot of ground in the 10 or 15 minutes we talked – hands down, the best conversation I have ever had with a complete stranger. We were totally resonating and connecting on a different level and I haven’t had an experience like this before. It felt like we met before…past life recognition.


Aside from our wonderful conversation, she gave me the sweetest compliments I’ve had someone give me in a long time – the most heart-felt compliments from a stranger in all my experiences in working with the public. She gave me at least a handful of compliments from how I looked to the energy I gave off. It honestly almost made me cry – I was getting a knot in my throat. I told her to never lose those aspects of herself nor her wonderful philosophy on life, that they were beautiful qualities to have, and how it was such a pleasure to have that conversation with her and meet her. I wanted to reach over the table and hug this beautiful soul! The reason I am sharing this with you is not to rub my ego but to explain, or rather give this experience I had as an example of how you will get what you focus on. Her philosophy in life (as well as mine) is to see the best in people, no matter who they are and that everyone has a beautiful soul and within a matter of minutes of talking, we just clicked and were so clearly able to see each other beyond our skin and bones. We found the good in one another that we look for. When you put your focus on finding the positive aspects in others, you will find them – life will show you what you focus on and life will mirror back to you what you are.

We are all so connected – more than we’re capable from our human minds to understand. Let’s break down the walls we’ve built up around ourselves. Smile and talk to strangers – you will end up having a fantastic, impromptu conversation about who knows what, but it will be great! We all want to the same things when you peel back the layerslove, acceptance and to be heard. We are not as different from one another as society has led us believe all these years. It’s about time we stop buying into the Us vs. Them and the separatism, and unite as brothers and sisters of Planet Earth – I can’t imagine a place more beautiful to live. Thank you Deena for reminding me of that beauty!


With love for all of you,


3 thoughts on “The Stranger I Met Before

  1. I applaud the experience you had and how it gave you more clarity on life and unity. I bet you met her in a past life and will meet her in the next. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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