Planet Earth, You Are Beautiful!

I haven’t shared many of my own with you since I got my new job…that is almost 2 months ago! Anyone else feeling as though time is speeding up? Wow. I miss writing. But as of late, there hasn’t been anything that inspired me to write words. I’ve posted many videos that have inspired me. I sense there will be many inspiring things to come over the course of the this spring and summer. Stay tuned…

Spring has started to finally show it’s beauty around my neck of the woods and it’s been long over due. 6 months of winter (Welcome to Canada) and not nearly enough sunshine and fresh air has been making me feel restless and uninspired. This has been a weird feeling for me since I’m usually not overly affected by the weather. BUT the sun is shining and the birds are chirping on this beautiful Saturday morning and I can’t wait to get outside to enjoy some of it.

As I was leaving my apartment yesterday morning on my way to work, there was this beautiful lady bug right at eye level on the outside of the door. I love when nature makes its presence known, in out of the ordinary ways. I knew it was going to be a good day as I smiled to the universe.

This video is simply breath taking. Yosemite National Park. I was inspired to share it with all of you because on this beautiful, sunny day, I’m feeling extra love for our planet – feeling more connected with All-That-Is. Earth is truly a magnificent place to live. I feel blessed to be here in this time and space. I also have an itch to start exploring more of Earth’s beauty…to get out there and start creating some amazing experiences. This spring and summer is going to fantastic! Spring is a time of renewal, growth, blossoming and I feel the same within me!

All is well in my world and I hope the same for you all.

Namaste beautiful beings.


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