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‘An Open Letter To My Future Lover’

An Open Letter to My Future Lover. ~ Melanie Curtin

I feel like this article can be interpreted in a few ways. All of which are equally as beautiful. I feel it can be interpreted as her letter to her ideal future mate. It can also be read as though she is speaking to herself – her higher, spiritual self, speaking to herself. (Did I lose you on that one?) But since we are all connected in this universal web, is it not one of the same thing? 😉

Love is not an ‘out there’ journey – it is and always will be found within you. It is you.



4 thoughts on “‘An Open Letter To My Future Lover’

  1. I enjoyed reading the article the first time, because the words were powerful, but I felt something disquieting or discomforting in the back of my mind. Or in my gut. And then I read it again. If it’s a letter to her higher self, it’s one thing. If it’s a letter to her ideal lover, it reads very differently. Because then it’s advice for how she wants to be treated by an ideal lover, what he should to do please her, to handle her tantrums, how to treat her when she’s moody. There was something needy and unstable and insecure that came across when I read it the second time. And though I would agree with you, that love is an inside journey, I didn’t get a sense that that’s what the article communicated. But needless to say, what everyone sees is subjective and idiosyncratic.


    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! It’s not often some one takes the time to share their thoughts with me past a ‘like’ on something I post. 🙂 I re-read the article again, and you’re right. I don’t think it’s written to her higher self either and I get the same sense that you did. Yes, everything is subjective; perspective is a crazy, beautiful thing. Some times all it takes is stepping back to see things in a different light. I think at the time I may have been hoping that she was talking to her higher self, hehe, since I know it’s our most important relationship we will ever have.


  2. Thanks also for your reply. I agree that the relationship to our higher self is the most important, but it’s not always first. Sometimes you only realize it by going through the crucible of other relationships. So it’s more like a constant dialogue and process of deepening in both directions. Which is why relationships (with others) are so great, even when they’re painful….

    BTW, if you were hoping that the author you cite was talking to her higher self, and she wasn’t, maybe it’s a sign that you’re meant to write that letter (to) yourself.

    I also wrote a short text about love not being an out there journey (, but it wasn’t quite a letter to myself…


    1. So sorry for the late reply! Yes, I agree with you – it’s not often we realize the importance of making ourselves our priority until often we go through a painful relationship. There’s beauty in the pain, indeed. And always a work in progress.

      That is a good point and I went back and re-read it as though I am speaking to myself and some things did resonate with me. Hoping over now to see what your post is all about. 🙂


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