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You Are Your Own Unique Version of Awesome

You Are Your Own Unique Version of Awesome

Can you feel the truth in the title of this post and in the words in this picture? It doesn’t make anyone any “better” than anyone else. We just are who we are. It takes all kinds of crazy beautiful to make this world go ’round.

But I resonated so much with these words when I read them. Each of us has within us the the ability to feel different, to realize our divine uniqueness and to unplug from the system. Some of us choose not to for this incarnation and that is okay too. We need not perpetuate the Us vs. Them that is already playing out on a large scale. There’s nothing wrong with that free-will choice of forgetting who and what we truly are. But if you’re like me and you yearn for more beyond what you see playing out on the large scale – take it and run with it! Don’t let fear shy you away from reaching your beautiful potential.

Take comfort that your feeling “different” is not something you are alone on. I’ve spent much of my life not feeling like I fit in. But we don’t need anyone to be anything so we can be happy – we just need to live our truth and accept others for living theirs. Many of us are starting to “wake up” – slowly but surely and progress is progress – even though right now it may be on turtle speed. 🙂 And that feeling of not fitting in or simply not wanting to is just your soul remembering that you are a piece of the universe expressing itself in human form – now tell me that’s not awesome!

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