Spirituality and the Ego

Some thoughts my Father shares on ego and spirituality. Have a look – he makes some valid points worth pondering. And while you are there, should you feel led to do so, you can check out some info on his new book! Namaste cosmic friends.

The Feeling Universe

The ego mind is stealthy indeed as it can creep into every aspect of our life if we are not vigilant. Over the past little while I have come across a number of articles claiming to be of a spiritual nature yet their underlying theme is one of – I am right and you are wrong. One particular email I received even contained at least six photos of some of the most prominent spiritual teachers of our time with a caption stating, I will paraphrase here, “ignore the teaching of these people in particular.” Regardless of what the rest of the email had to say became of no interest to me. I am no longer going to entertain any philosophies, spiritual or otherwise, that claim to have all the right answers or put someone else. Is there any difference between that and many of our current religions which tend to…

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