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Captain Obvious To The Rescue!

Captain Obvious To The Rescue!

Not to start off 2014 being a negative Nancy…

When I arrived at work this evening, a customer decided to tie their dog up outside while they did some shopping. No big deal, right? People do this all of the time, as some would say.

Well, I live in Canada and it is winter. And by winter, I mean the city I live in today felt like Antarctica. It was -37 degrees Celsius with gusts of winds up to 50 km/h. So this is a big deal and seeing animals being mistreated is something that near makes my blood boil. Soon as I went in, I called one of my co-workers and told her if that dog was still outside the store in 5 minutes to make an announcement and ask the owner to come to the front of the store so we can express our concerns. Luckily, no announcement was necessary.

During these freezing temperatures, for Pete’s sake – leave your pets at home! Captain obvious is to the rescue because I feel as though this is a rather obvious statement but today I was proven wrong and that some pet owners need a reminder. There’s a vast misconception that because they’re an animal, they are adapted to extreme temperatures. If you are too cold then chances are your pet is too. They have been accustomed to a warm environment not to living outdoors, just like you have and would much prefer being at home safe and sound…and warm. There are, of course, certain breeds of dogs for instance, who can remain outside safely for longer periods of time than others. But instead of testing this, risking frostbite or worse, just keep your fur-babies in your home. When you do have to take them outside, stay with them – when you’re wanting to escape the cold, chances are they are too.

Check out this article for other less obvious 🙂 tips on how to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the winter months.

Remind your friends, family and strangers (if necessary) 🙂 to do the same.

With love,


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