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It’s Almost Time to Kick Some Ass!

It's Almost Time to Kick Some Ass!

In the first week of January, I will be starting a 5 week bootcamp with a girlfriend of mine. I hadn’t even thought about what I wanted to accomplish next year other than a few tattoos I’ve had planned. But I suppose now, looking and feeling my best me yet (and staying there) by getting myself into a routine again is starting a.s.a.p in 2014.

I am not excited about the 6:15 a.m. start time. I’m a “night hawk” – I am seldom in bed before midnight. But that is going to change very soon which is great because it’s been on my “to-do list” to get my butt in bed at a earlier time so I can stop pressing the snooze button 5 times every morning. And it’s another opportunity to get out of my comfort zone on a few levels = growth!

My excitement outweighs the entirely too early wake up time. Last time I did a boot camp a few years ago, in 4 weeks I lost 7 pounds and 10″ overall! I also cut out and sugar for the entire month. Oh lord that was challenging, mainly because I am not a connoisseur of the kitchen but the results and sense of accomplishment were worth it. I love challenging myself to see what I can do. I am excited to shake up my routine (especially in the winter months when I tend to want to hibernate until summer). I’m mostly excited that I’m going to look better naked. C’mon people…you and I both know that is one of the main reasons why we bust our butts and every other body part working out. 🙂

Do you have any exciting plans coming up in the new year?

With love,


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