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Positively Embracing Your Negative Emotions

I am suppose to what?! This may seem counter-intuitive for some of you but I encourage to you listen and read on. I needed to hear this today. Teal hits the nail on the head with this one. This is a fresh perspective (for me) since much of the time in my own spiritual journey (up until this year actually), I did everything I could to only feel good and when I felt negative emotions, I beat myself up for it. I was the person she described in the beginning of the video. It was as though I didn’t think it was “very spiritual” of me to be or feel anything but sunshine and rainbows. I needed to walk the talk and felt that by being anything less then the wonderful, positive, happy things I talk about, I wasn’t being authentic. There was also a slight fear of ending back in that darker place I worked so hard to get away from. We all know what fear stands for…false evidence appearing real.

I now understand, one cannot “go back” – at least not permanently. It’s a slippery slope – some days I feel amazing, totally in-tuned with the Universe and raring to go and other days or moments…not so much. But that’s okay. It’s more than okay – it’s a reality for every human being on this planet. Even the most enlightened of spiritual teachers. I am stating the obvious here but the goal is to have our good days and moments far outweigh the negative ones.

Looking back and reflecting, I know I needed to push myself towards all things positive to get myself out of the funk I was feeling; however, I did spend a lot of energy beating myself up and feeling bad for essentially being human – for being the very thing that I am (well, in this incarnation anyways). I am a spirit on a human journey, we all are and to deny the very thing that makes us human, our emotions, no longer resonates with me.

I feel that right now, especially in this time of awakening of humanity, is a really good time to fully use our emotions as our guidance system. Embracing your negative emotions doesn’t mean staying in a constant state of feeling bad and then that’s it. You do have to do some work. It’s about understanding yourself on a deeper level. It’s about going there. It’s about discovery and balance. I say balance because not all negative emotions need to be interpreted, analyzed and learned from. The ones that evoke a strong emotional response from you – look into those ones.

It’s about not holding yourself to a ridiculous, unattainable standard of feeling nothing but joy all of the time (then condemning yourself when you “fail”), in a world that is full of contrast, in a world that is the perfect playground for exploring and manifesting limitless desires. Your desires are born from contrast. It’s about allowing yourself to feel the contrast so as soon as you give birth to your new desires, your perspective will be clear enough to be able to see them once they manifest into your life. It’s a stepping stone to something better.

Mary Oliver - EN

Be easy on yourself.
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2 thoughts on “Positively Embracing Your Negative Emotions

  1. I watch Teal Scott too! I think she’s amaaazing! she’s helped me through a lot 🙂
    Haven’t met anyone who has watched her before lol!


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