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DIY Natural Shampoo – Round 2

Tonight, I made my second batch of homemade shampoo. The first batch was made a few months ago with only 3 ingredients. I used 1 Tbs. of baking soda to 1 cup of water and doubled the recipe until the bottle was full. I rinsed out an old shampoo bottle and used that. I added in a squirt or two of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Almond Castile Soap for some smelly goodness.

The result was okay. I only used it for about 2 weeks or so – give or take a few days, with washing every other day. My hair is fine, but thick and at the time, was down to my waist. I’ve always had oily roots and cannot go any longer than washing my hair every other day without constantly looking like I just got out of the shower. Sexy right?! 🙂 The rest of my hair is normal (i.e. not excessively dry or brittle). It made my roots less oily but after a few washes, the rest of my hair was a mess. I was really impressed, kind of like baby… 🙂

It was dry, frizzy, and very hard to brush. I was also using an apple cider vinegar rinse instead of conditioner and my hair was saying, WTF?! Haha! I eventually switched over to commercial conditioner which helped a bit. I did, however use the commercial baking soda and not the natural kind I just purchased tonight, (see my FB page for more info) which could explain why it dried my hair out. This recipe is good for people with short hair styles.

If only I knew this sooner…

Anyways, tonight the batch I have made, using this recipe, has far more nourishing properties and ingredients! I’m excited to test this baby out! My hair is a bit shorter now and easier to manage which should help. I substituted the coconut oil with sweet almond oil and used Moroccan argon oil instead of vitamin E. Use what you have on hand. The castile soap I have is Almond so I added sweet orange essential oil with a few drops of lavender.

Do you have any shampoo recipes you’d like to share? Post them in the comments below!

Having fun experimenting and making the kitchen a mess,
Much Love,


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