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Random Act of Kindness Restores My Faith in Humanity

I have a story. It’s about what happened today while I was at work. I work in retail. But let’s back up and let me tell you a bit about my feelings over the last little while without turning this into a diary.

As of late, especially over the last couple of weeks, I have been in a funk. I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to maintain my happy, positive attitude while I am work and even some times when I am at home I am not as present as I normally am. For others of you who are on your own spiritual journey feeling rather awakened and ready for the next phase for humanity, yet still spend a majority of your time with the general population full of people who have not awakened to their full potential…I am sure you know where I am going with this. Or even if you are in the spiritual fields, you know it can be a challenge to live in a world in the midst of this amazing, some times chaotic shift to higher consciousness.


Last night, I vented to a few of my loved ones about…well, essentially my frustration with humanity. I have been feeling tired (on a soul level) of the Universe “providing me with opportunities to practice what I know,” longing to hide away and unplug alone or in the least with only those who are happy, loving, and past all of the 3D drama (oh, and are furry and four legged). I’ve been feeling kind of sensitive, tense and tired, certainly more often than I like and not for any obvious reason, other than more people seem to be struggling with their lower vibe energies (x-mas is often stressful for many) and I, by nature of my job, see hundreds of people in a day.

I totally understand that I’ve allowed my ego get the best of me and have given my power away to complete strangers but I’m human. This is why I came here, to have human experiences – the good and the bad (as much as they suck some times) – not to spend most of my time pushing back and resisting, nor spending all my time zenned out and out-of-body. There is no such thing as, ‘No’ to the Universe. (Dammit, hah!) I’ve been doing rather good at not beating myself up over this (I used to be good at being frustrated for being frustrated…rather productive. *note: sarcasm). 🙂 But the Universe is a wonderful thing and showed me exactly what I needed to restore my faith in humanity (not that is was ever lost, it was just hidden behind the mass of stuff I unintentionally put in the way).

Today, a regular customer whom I see on a weekly basis and are on first name basis with one another, filled his cart with about $70 worth of groceries. He has a developmental disability. He forgot all of his money at home except for $15. He was having a difficult time deciding which items to buy and in the midst of me trying to help him pick out which items were necessities, the couple behind him offered to pay the remaining of what he owed and asked me just to add it onto their transaction. They then gave him a ride home since he spent all of this money and didn’t have any for a cab home. Now how amazing is that?! They just said, “Hey, it’s Christmas, so Merry Christmas.” Their act of kindness almost brought my regular customer to tears, he shook the man’s hand and gave the lady a hug. He then shook my hand before leaving.


Faith in Humanity…Restored.

Thank you Universe for the reminder that there’s so much goodness in the world, we just have to ask with enough energy and passion and let it be.
With love,


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