The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

It is now time to stop the glorification of busy. You are NEVER too busy to spend time with those you love. Well…allow me to rephrase that. You can actually quite easily have no time for anyone else, or even yourself if you aren’t mindful about your endeavors. You are never too busy where it is beyond your control. You make your schedule so make the time. A quick phone call just to hear someone’s voice makes all the difference. It’s our memories and the people in our lives that are more valuable than anything so I gladly give a part of my life that I’ll never get back to those amazing people (and animals) in my life. Take away all of our stuff and it’s the love in our hearts that keeps us going, not all the other things we distract ourselves with.

So maybe this Christmas season, think about giving a gift of your time instead of buying a present to put under the tree – give experiences to people as presents, make memories with them and give them something that truly is…priceless. 🙂

As always,
With love.


One thought on “The Greatest Gift

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