For The Soul

It Is Time

Ahh…my soul resonates very much with my Father’s latest blog post. It is time my cosmic friends to remember our divinity! I see you…even if you don’t see you yet. Namaste.

The Feeling Universe

You are magnificent beyond all imagining.

I feel this is the greatest time in all of Human history, although at first glance it may not appear so. There is a Grand Awakening upon us, a rising up of the Collective Consciousness at the very grass roots level.

It is time to see through the illusions of this 3D reality that is based on the untruths of separation, fear, unworthiness and lack.

It is time to take the ‘red pill’ and allow yourself to Be who You came here to be. You my dear friends, each and every one of you, are the Creator of your own reality. That’s who you are. You stand at the centre of your Universe. All that you see is within your consciousness. That’s who you really are. Of course, you are always free to choose otherwise if you wish.

You want change? So be that…

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