The Face Behind “My Universe Within”

I thought it was about time I share with my readers more of who I actually am…the face behind the words. 😛

Satan himself is not publishing this blog…However, judging from this picture, some of you may disagree. Have you ever scared yourself before? I have – in this very moment. *shudders*

I also think I’m rather hilarious…clearly.

I enjoy a little excitement in my life!

Oh…my…god. I have never felt more beautiful than I did in this moment. Thank you Cam Star!

Hmm…what should I blog about today?

I could spend entirely too much time playing around with this app – so much fun and soooo many laughs! My favorite one is the ‘never have I felt more beautiful’ picture. My least favorite one is the first one – it legitimately freaks me out! I just tapped into my inner demon upon taking that one, no big deal. And I don’t even believe in that stuff. What the?! Haha!

With love…and laughter. 🙂


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