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It’s Play Time: The Importance Of Being A Kid Even If You Aren’t One

Last night I went to the park with a few loved ones. My intention was to just walk around for a little while, let the dog blow off some steam and head back home. We discovered a big, grass hill with a flat top – it provides an amazing view of the surrounding area and will now be my favorite place to do some yoga and meditate. And bonus is, it is a 10 second walk from where I live. I love discovering new places in the city I live!

We decided to swing on the swings while reminiscing of times past of doing under duckies, pumping our legs and arms with all our strength to see who would get the highest and flinging the swings so they’d wrap the swings around the top bar. Do you remember doing that too? When was the last time you went swinging? I can’t remember the last time I did and now that I have reminded myself why I LOVED it so much as a kid, why have I waited so long to do it again? What an AMAZING feeling swinging back and forth, high up in the sky with the cool breeze blowing on my face, my hair blowing in all directions, with not a care in the world, all the while being provided a different perspective of the beautiful evening star lit sky. FREEDOM baby!


It’s so easy to get caught up in our adult lives doing our adult activities. But many of us spend so much time focused on work and little time on play. I encourage you to make time to do something that you remember loving as a child – drop the notion that it’s “just for kids,” don’t worry about what anyone will think and embrace your inner child – and embrace it often! We all have one; we just seldom let him or her out to play. Blow bubbles, splash in the puddles, build sandcastles, draw with sidewalk chalk, play hide and go seek, find the biggest hill and run down it, slide down the slide at the park, play tag – the list is endless.

Last night, being on the swing, sliding down the slide and running down the hill was such an amazing feeling; my inner child was overjoyed and the adult in me could NOT stop smiling. I felt again what it truly means to be alive and not just living. So next time you walk by a park, hop on the swing, get your legs pumping, close your eyes and remind yourself of what it feels like to be a kid again – I promise you will not regret it!

As always,
With Love.


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