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Owning Your Happiness

As promised, I said when I got back from vacation I’d have something to share with you all. Most of this isn’t anything new but I feel there’s value in sharing the concepts we are reminded of. I have recently been reminded (Thank you Universe) of the importance of not allowing others to steal my power away or another way of putting it is not giving my power away to someone else.

Emotions are tricky – they allow each of us to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and everything in between. And for many of us, they can some times feel out of our control. Emotions all across the board seem to be at an all time high for many of us.  As of late, I blame this on the Mercury Retrograde that should be coming to an end soon. I will not pretend to understand much of this planetary shift but there’s definitely been something going on energetically. I can attest to this and many others have been feeling it as well.

My heart has been on my sleeve for months now. When something warms my heart, be it a Youtube video or a nice message from a loved one, I cry. And it’s not just a tear – it’s been at times, a full on ugly cry. But I embrace it and ball my eyes out even when I don’t exactly know why I am crying in the first place. I interpret it as myself giving myself a release because I feel better afterwards. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, any form of negativity or “drama” is more aversive than usual.

The point of why I am sharing this is because as much time and energy as I have spent devoting the last 5+ years to making my happiness my priority, I have been reminded how easily the unsavory behavior of others can effect us if we allow it. And for me, it’s an uncomfortable feeling knowing that I have given my power away to others, whether it’s the Mercury Retrograde, some other energetic shift at play or simply a nudge from the Universe to remind me to practice what I already know. Regardless, I don’t like it but do my best not to beat myself up about it when it happens. It is much easier to allow something to roll off your back when you aren’t emotionally invested in the person. But even then, it’s important to remember…

We will all be in a constant state of misery for the rest of time if we depend on others to make us happy or if allow the behaviour of others to dictate how we are going to feel. As challenging as it may be, we are responsible for how we feel and what we think, regardless of what is going on around us. It’s a tough pill to swallow but we did not come here to planet Earth to be walking around aimlessly while other people pull the strings on our hearts and minds. Yes, we are going to be witness to things and have experiences that Level 10 irk us – we are human and we have emotions, all kinds of them. But the more you practice owning your happiness and making your happiness your priority, the less these irksome incidences will happen. Call it The Law of Attraction, The Power of Perspective – whatever resonates with you – but it works. The more you focus on only wanting to feel good, you won’t allow anything to doesn’t make you feel good get your attention.

ImageBut…yes, there’s a but and this is something that I know where my work is. As much as I want to feel happiness and a zest for life all of the time, I have made peace with the fact that this is not possible. I have now made it a promise to myself to allow myself to feel what it is I am feeling – good and bad. I know that may seem like a contradiction to what I just said. It’s not. I never stop making it my job to feel good and to be happy, I just now understand and have accepted that some times to get there, I have some work to do.

Owning your happiness does not mean you are never going to feel another negative emotion again. That is impossible. It simply means taking responsibility for how you feel and for changing how you feel should you feel any less than what you want to feel. Being aware of how you may or may not be allowing that happiness is important because it is you that either allows or disallows it. This is done without judgement. It is neither good nor bad, right or wrong – it simply is and it’s your choice what you do with that information going forward.

It’s your choice to see the lesson in the emotions and experiences that are displeasing. And I’m talking about the important stuff. Not the superficial, nit picky, microscopic stuff. I’m talking about the experiences that cause you to have a strong emotional response. These scenarios are happening for a reason and the Universe is trying to teach you something so you can be better than you were yesterday. If you are unable to or refuse to see the silver lining among the clouds, I can guarantee the Universe will provide another similar scenario to help you see what you couldn’t/wouldn’t see before. This is not from a place of punishment by the way, this happens because your point of attraction has not changed and you will, therefore, attract similar circumstances into your life. Source, Higher Power, God, Buddah, Allah, etc. does not mettle in our experiences on Earth, it simply responds to the vibration we offer. So it really is our life and Freewill does exist.

ImageOwning your happiness also means you understand that some times to get to that happy place, we have to be willing to allow ourselves to be unhappy, to cry, to be angry etc. Spiritual work does not mean holding ourselves to the impossible ideal of constant happiness by ignoring the very thing that makes us human – our emotions. We simply need to decide if the emotion of ‘x’ is really something we should allow ourselves to feel or if it is rather trivial and is better off being laid to rest. There is always a choice.

The more you look within yourself for the happiness that you desire, the more happiness you will experience. We are all on different paths trying to get to the same place. We all came from the same Source. Some of us appear to be lost and some of us are still walking around with our eyes closed and our hearts armored. But “that’s their journey,” is something I often say this to myself when I know I am coming from a place of judgement and/or have given my power away to someone else. Then I am reminded of how free we all truly are…to journey through this life exactly how we choose.


With love and happiness,


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