Most Random Post Thus Far: Dry Spells and Vacation Time

So as some of you maybe have noticed, I haven’t personally wrote anything lengthy and inspiring (I’m assuming what I write here is inspiring, arrogant bugger I am eh?). 🙂 I haven’t been long winded. I haven’t had multiple run-on sentences. Nor a run on sentence that is a paragraph long. I write when I am inspired. I write when there’s something I really want to share with all of you but for reasons I have not felt the need to explore, the well has been dried up a bit lately and I miss it! Writing here helps to keep me grounded. Although I have been posting frequently, I haven’t really got into too much detail about anything. I haven’t been writing very much. And from my own experience, and talking with others who write – it happens and I’ve made peace with it. I do this because I enjoy it so I don’t want to force it. The words ebb and flow like an ocean from time to time. Do you experience this too? Or do you just find the words are always there? Where do you find your inspiration?


However, I will be going on a vacation at the end of this week for 2 weeks to visit my family and friends – in the country, surrounded by the water. Closest thing to heaven if you ask me. How does one not get inspired being in nature, surrounded by water and life, with the sun shining, with hours to do exactly what I want, with the people I love the most or by myself? So for those of you who justify not taking holidays, what the what?! There’s SO much more to experience in life than working and your job so I’m thinking now is the time to start planning some time away. Even if it’s a day or two to do exactly whatever it is you want – your soul will thank you! Even if you LOVE your job – you are more than your job. I rest my case. 🙂

A shot from last summer, cruising around the river. Can you see the rainbow aura?

I do this every year while a lovely friend of mine takes care of my cats and apartment for me while I am away. In the very least, I will come back feeling refreshed and energized. And ideally with new ideas and thoughts to share with you all. Although I will have access to the internet (I won’t be that isolated) – I keep my computer time to a minimum and spend as much time outside, making memories or simply just being so I won’t be posting on here for a few weeks.

For those of you experiencing warmer, summer weather right now – what do you have planned? Do you love to escape the city and head to nature like me? Or you more apt to head to the city for some adventures?

I hope you all have a wonderful next couple of weeks and look forward to sharing with you when I return. Sending you cosmic hugs!

With Love,

I can feel this every time I’m with nature, but especially when I’m back where I grew up. I feel most at peace and can feel the unity of all things. Amazing!


4 thoughts on “Most Random Post Thus Far: Dry Spells and Vacation Time

    1. Bruce! Thanks for coming by 🙂 Thank you ever so much – you are way too kind! I’m humbled you enjoy my words. Your adventures are pretty awesome so I am sure you can resonate with my desire to reconnect with nature. I’m heading out in 2 days, yippee! See you *figuratively speaking of course* haha, when I get back!


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