Dear 15 Year Old Me

As promised…

ImageDear 15 Year Old Me,

-You’re going to fall in love but you’re not going to get married nor die together. Yes, it’s going to hurt like hell but I promise, you will be okay.
-Your armpits will stop sweating like Niagara Falls sooner rather than later – it’s just hormones.
-Your family will be more important to you than your friends.
-Not everyone finds your farting as amusing as you do. (I swear I’ve had many past lives as a male)
-Staying up really late and sleeping in is a teenager thing; science proves this. You will start to embrace sunlight more than darkness before you know it.
-Mom knows when you’ve smoked weed; it’s not you just being paranoid.
-FYI: she also knows when you sneak ‘just one smoke.’
-Older guys are not necessarily more mature.
-You are different and it’s a good thing. Don’t look at it as being a negative – embrace your uniqueness. It will serve you and others well now and especially as you get older.
-Never stop asking questions. Do not settle for status quo.
-People are going to come and go, serve their purpose and then you both will move on in your lives. This is all part of life and it’s okay. You are going to meet some amazing people once again.
-Always, no exceptions, drink water and eat bread before bed after a night of drinking. Being drunk will become less appealing and hangovers will become more aversive so no, you are not setting yourself up to be an alcoholic.
-Get your eyebrows waxed by a professional at least once. Thicker is better does not apply in this case.
-Do not cut your hair shorter than chin length. You will like it for a week or two and then wish you had your long hair back. Short hair + you = beach ball shaped face.
-Have to go for a #2 and you’re at your boyfriends?  Then do it would ya! He will not break up with you. He may like to think that this is something you don’t do but just get in, get on, get off, get over it k?

Most of these are pretty silly – that was the point for this exercise when I did it. What would you tell your teenage self? Poke fun at yourself or tell me your words of wisdom to the younger version of you. I’d love to hear from all of you!

Happy Sunday everyone!
With love,


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