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All Because Of YOU! (Yes, I’m talking about you)

All Because Of YOU! (Yes, I'm talking about you)

I’m so happy I could be twins…fraternal twins like these two ridiculously adorable, happy, smiling dogs!

Okay, maybe not that happy but I am so pumped I’m over 1800 hits on my blog, I have 58 non-Facebook followers, and I’ve been read in 55+ countries!! That sounds like I am bragging. Okay, maybe my ego is tripping a little right now but I’m feeling proud of my myself and wanted to tell you all how awesome you are! It’s all because of each and every one of you who have taken time out of your day to come by and showed me some love…either secretly or openly. Time is so valuable so THANK YOU!

Thank you really doesn’t seem to do justice how much I appreciate those of you who’ve supported me over these last 6 months; whether you’ve read, commented or followed from the beginning or you’re new to my little part in cyberspace – it has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate you so very much – you make writing that much more enjoyable!

I love you and I’m sending each of you cosmic hugs wherever you are reading this from tonight. And know that you’ve put a big smile on this girls’ face!

As always,
With Love,


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