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Truth Is Found In Your Heart

‘The treasures that man has found and gathered together in the great halls and temples of wisdom are but mere reflections of that which we are inside. Ancient scrolls that are forever buried deep in sand and stone or whose ashes have long since drifted from our reach, burned by fires of those who fear truth, still reside within the silence of our mind. For those of you now, in this time of fellowship, who seek wisdom, need only to open the unlocked door of your heart for its chambers are filled with all that you seek. Feel your truth there for that is your path.’

This is an exert from my Dad’s book – one of his favorite pieces he wrote- and I can see why! Dad, you’ve done a great job and I’m so proud of you. I’ll always be your biggest cheerleader!

Wishing each of you much success in the discovery of your truth.
With Love,

Side Note: Check out the new header picture! You like? Me too! A good friend of mine did that for me – I’m so pleased with it!  It adds that personal touch that I’ve been looking for. Eye see you! 😉


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