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Ignorance and Acceptance

Ignorance and Acceptance

Then there are others who ACCEPT everything as their truth without doing their own investigation. I am not sure which is more counter productive to one’s highest good.

The point is to neither reject nor accept something you know nothing about without knowing something about it first– educate yourself and question everything. By doing so you will then find your truth because if you listen to your emotions, you will feel what is right. If something doesn’t feel right, call it your gut-feeling or intuition, then listen up! Your soul is guiding you through your intuition and feelings; to some of you this may be surprising…that part of you does know better than the human part of you.

Always be in a constant state of truth finding; we are ever evolving, ever learning beings so one will never know all-there-is-to-know about all-there-is and you should question anyone who claims they do. If you are seeking the truth, the universe will deliver and the knowledge you desire will be yours if your heart is open and your mind is clear.

As always, With Love,


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