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It’s Book Sharing Time

Okay, maybe not all of a book but here’s the scoop. My father is writing a book – ‘The Feeling Universe‘. Correction, he is done writing the material; the book is in the final phases before it is published.

I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. He has been a huge inspiration over the last 5 years since we both started to delve in our own spiritual journeys around the same time. How cool is that? We joke that we both must have planned this ahead of time on the Other Side so we’d have each other as our side-kicks this time around, since we share many of the same views (what are the chances?), but as much as I joke, a large of me knows it was part of “The Plan”. For those of you who are on your own spiritual path right now can appreciate that amidst the beauty of the process, there are still challenges and if you too have supportive, like-minded people in your life, you understand where I am coming from. It makes the process that much more awesome and enjoyable when you have someone or multiple people to share it with.

What’s even more exciting for me – I have also had the honor of sharing some of my words in his book as well! How amazing is that?! I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity! My topic: Self Love.

Here’s a little snip-it of my Father’s words:

‘The next time you gaze up into heavens you can say to yourself – I harbor within my Being all that I behold as I look into this night sky and marvel at the beauty and boundless star filled universe. From this grand, spacious vantage point we are being offered another opportunity by which we can better understand our existence. The questions of who am I and why am I here become clearer each time we allow our authentic Self to trickle through the cracks we are creating in our current reality.

If you resonate with this, keep your eyes peeled since I’ll be posting more information on the book once it has been published!

Below is an exert from my contribution on Self Love:

‘The less you hold yourself in a place of judgement, the easier it is to adopt the concept of self-love. You cannot simultaneously hold yourself in a place of judgement and love yourself in your entirety. In this place of stepping back, releasing your self-imposed microscope, and ending the comparison with everything outside of yourself, you begin to understand, not with your logical mind, but with your heart, what it feels like to know and be love.’

Peace, Love and Light,


5 thoughts on “It’s Book Sharing Time

    1. Hi Kita!
      Thank you so much for coming by! πŸ™‚ Dad’s book is available to order through Friesen Press or Amazon. Here are the links below is you feel led to order a copy:

      Here’s a link to his blog as well:

      Thank you for your interest! Much love to you xoxo

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