Sirius Documentary Trailer- It’s Time For You To Know

I understand that this topic – E.T. Disclosure and clean energy a.k.a. ‘Alien Technology’ – is a controversial topic that is surrounded by both skepticism and passion. However, I urge you to watch this trailer with an open mind – the time is NOW to know what’s really going on with in our government. Now is the time to know the truth.

And if this is something that interests you, the good news is that it is going to be released on April 22 – that’s one week from today! I am admittedly excited!

Dr. Steven Greer is the man behind this film and some of you may recognize him from the ‘Ancient Alien’ series. Here’s a link to this film’s website: Here you can find out more about the film and how you can get involved in spreading this information.

Exciting times we live in people! And I’m so thrilled more of us are waking up!

Love and light,

Update: I e-mailed them after I posted this last night so here’s the information they sent me on how to watch the premiere online. Share this with your friends – together we can help spread the truth!

The Sirius Film will be featured on the website starting on April 22nd at 8pm Pacific Time.  You can just follow the prompts to Pay Per View the film right from our home page.  All net proceeds go towards the construction of a  Clean Energy Lab.  The streaming content is available in all markets around the world on the same day and time. 
Also, don’t miss our UStream Red Carpet Coverage  on The Sirius Channel starting at 7pm Pacific Time right before the premiere of the film.  You will also get to hear Dr. Greer’s speech in that broadcast so pass it on!—the-sirius-channel.’



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