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The Best Doctors: They Aren’t Who You Think They Are

The Best Doctors: It's Not What You Think

The more proactive you are by incorporating the above consistently into your life – the less reactive you will have to be.

So very briefly, this means getting at least 10 minutes of sunlight a day for your daily dose of vitamin D; I recommend taking a supplement when this is not possible during winter months. Drink enough clean, filtered water from a water filtration system (not tap or bottled water) so that your urine is mostly clear with a tinge of yellow. Each person requires a different amount of sleep; listen to your body. Getting fresh air and connecting with nature will make you feel great! Exercise and do it often – we all know why. And same thing with diet – this doesn’t mean go on a fad diet just be mindful of what you’re eating.

I also have to add – take care of your mind. You can’t do all of these things and not take care of your mind. And vice versa. All of your efforts will be much more successful if you take care of your mind as well. The mind and body are connected – they are part of the whole that make up you so you cannot take care of one and ignore the other!

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