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There’s No Better Time Than Now

There's No Better Time Than Now

I want to hear from you! 🙂 What are some of the things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done? Are there things you’re going to do this year that you’ve been putting off? And is there anything you’ve done so far this year that you always said you were going to do?

I’ll answer those questions too – it only seems fair! I have lots of things on my ‘bucket list’ and I’m slowly checking things off. I’ve always wanted to travel. I have been to a few places but there’s so much of the world I want to see! So that is something I plan on doing more of in the future. This summer, I am going to get the tattoo I planned out a few years ago. Appointment is booked and deposit has been given. 5 hours of work and cha-ching $$$ later – I’m excited (Okay, and admittedly a bit nervous)! But again, like I talked about in my previous post – life happens when we step out of our comfort zone. And, drum roll please…I’ve always wanted to quit smoking; I’ve smoked off and on for the last 15 +/- years which is more than half my life and I QUIT!! Woo! I’ve been smoke free for one month! Cold turkeyed it and I’m so proud of myself.

The question I asked last, I did so on purpose. While it’s important to remind yourself of the things you want to do – depending on where you are in your life, it can stir up negative emotions if you start making a mental list of all the stuff you want to do but haven’t. But instead of beating yourself up for “not getting it done” – allow it to be an opportunity to give yourself something to look forward to. It’s equally important to remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished so far and how good it feels when you do. However, ‘little’ or ‘big’ your dreams/desires are, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done when you do something just for you. Because that is what this picture is really about – doing something that is just for you.

Yes, you should be selfish. Right now, I’m asking you to put society’s definition of the word out of your mind. I’m not saying you should do what you want to do at the expense of harming another person in some way. No, society’s view on selfishness is not how I define the word. I am saying that yes, you should put your happiness and well-being above the happiness and well-being of others. I’m crazy right? Well, I don’t think so…usually…but some of you reading this may think otherwise. 🙂 Entertain this idea for a moment: The better place you are in mentally, physically and emotionally, the more you have to give to those you love. And what’s one way of getting yourself into your optimum state of well-being? By doing things you want to do, by doing things that bring you joy and create an excitement for life and living! So if there is anything you really want to do and you are not currently doing it now or have no plans to be doing it in the near future…what are you waiting for?!

Time is so valuable, especially now because time is speeding up. That has been my experience for years as the months pass and others I speak to are having the same experience as well. This doesn’t just apply to the “aging population.” So now is an important time to be mindful of what you are spending your time doing and who you are spending it with. Once time is gone, you can never get it back…at least not during this lifetime. 😉 So spend your time wisely and happily, friends!

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “There’s No Better Time Than Now

  1. You are so right. Our lives should be filled with love, no regrets, and no dreams left unfulfilled. I want to swim naked in a moonlight soaked ocean, stand on the highest mountain peaks, and be surrounded by good people. More importantly, I want people to remember me as a loving person that was always there to help those in need.

    I’m proud of you for quitting smoking. May all your dreams come true.


    1. Absolutely Bruce, that is how our lives should be.Unfortunately many of us lose sight of what’s important to us but it’s never too late! Those all sound like wonderful things to do! Yes, it’s more important for me as well to be the kind of person who has a positive effect on people. I’ve always said if only one person has breathed a little easier because of me then my “job” is complete – all else is a bonus. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words! May your dreams come true! Sending you cosmic hugs!


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