New Experiences


So I ask you – when was the last time you did something you’ve never done before? How did you feel? I’m not necessarily asking about the wild and crazy, jumping out of an airplane kind of experiences. I’m not saying that they aren’t great. I went zip-lining a few years back and that was an amazing experience! (You will never catch me jumping out of a plane so props to all of you who have!) :). But there’s also more subtle experiences that take us out of  our comfort zone or are just simply new – firsts, I’ll call them- that are worth embracing as well that some times can be overlooked.

I’m inspired to write this blog because I had a few ‘firsts’ this weekend. I traveled on the bus alone to another city to visit some friends. I also went to a restaurant I’ve never been to and tried wines and cheeses I’ve never tasted before. I also wore a dress to the bar for the first time, haha! (I’m more of a pants and shirt kind of gal but it was special girls’ weekend so I put on my big girl panties and went for it) ;). I also went to a Nature Museum for the first time and LOVED it. Planet Earth is just amazing! I know…I’m a wild and crazy gal and these are living on the edge kind of experiences right? No, no they aren’t. These aren’t the jump out of my seat with excitement kind of experiences but these were all things I’ve never done before. And it goes back to what I was saying in the previous paragraph. The more subtle/smaller experiences are worth appreciating as well. There’s something really liberating about doing things you’ve never done before – about even stepping out of our comfort zone for a little while – about experiencing, for the first time, some of the great things life has to offer.

I gave myself a high five in my mind for putting my nervousness aside on taking the bus alone and I now, from just a 2 hour and 45 minute bus ride, understand why people travel alone. I would do it again in a heart beat and I was reminded again, that “it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be.” Our minds can really freak ourselves out if we let it. It gave me a boost of confidence and made me feel more independent because I conquered my nervousness. It may seem silly to some of you that something as “small” as taking the bus alone could have such an impact on me, but it’s all a matter of perspective and I try to take something away from what even appears to be insignificant. And the experiences that provide us with an opportunity to rise above our unwanted emotions have more of an impact.

It makes me want to go away somewhere again for a weekend and hang out with myself to explore and experience. I very much enjoy my time with friends and family – but I also enjoy being by myself. I like me so I think going a trip by myself would be an amazing experience. It would be so liberating and you can plan everything exactly how you want. Have you gone on a trip by yourself? Or even just went out for dinner and a movie alone? I think there’s something great to be said for those who are comfortable with being alone, who don’t rely on others to be a constant source of entertainment (being bored is a state of mind) and who ultimately don’t care what others think. Let’s be honest – either you or someone you know has judged or felt pity for someone who’s out for dinner or a movie alone, for example. Next time, you see someone rockin’ solo it may be because they want to be.

I look forward to creating many more experiences, however bold or subtle they be, because that is what life is about…experiences. Life is suppose to be FUN! And what’s one way to have fun?! Create new experiences! Even if you try something new to find out it’s not for you, you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t tried. Yes, that may seem cliche but it’s very true. We can drive ourselves insane with the ‘what ifs’ or the ‘I wished I’ so why not shake things up a bit, scratch that itch and try that sushi for the first time, or swim with sharks?! Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do! Life begins when we step away from the ordinary, every day routine of our lives and give ourselves permission to LIVE instead of just being alive.

Much Love, Friends.
Until next time,


2 thoughts on “New Experiences

  1. You are so right on this one. Some of my best First Experiences were alone. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is magnified when working without a net. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.


    1. So bizarre – I replied to this comment shortly after you sent it and I must not have pressed the post button. Regardless, I am glad you enjoyed the thoughts I shared! You are so right as well – there’s a different feeling when you do something alone, it’s hard to explain unless you’ve done it but I know you know what I’m talking about. 🙂 Thanks so the positive feedback! I commented on one of your posts so I’m going to check now to make sure I pressed the right button. Haha!


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