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Karma, Words and Definitions – Oh My!

ImageDepending on your perspective, cultural, religious and spiritual background, this picture will mean different things to you. For some of you, it has no meaning. The English language can be some what limiting when discussing certain topics. Some times, there are literally no words to ‘explain the unexplainable’ and it’s even more challenging when you want to explain the unexplainable. How do you do that? Well, do the best you can and if with all your attempts, you’re struggling – make peace that some things are better left experienced or laid to rest than explained. Words simply just don’t cut it some times. For example, zip-lining – it’s hard to explain the feeling you get from it to someone who’s never done it. But then, perspective comes into play during each and every one of our experiences which help us define certain words and experiences for us…thank goodness, language isn’t the dominant and only way we communicate.

So what I am trying to get across, not so eloquently, is that words have different meanings to different people and words can also be limiting when trying to explain certain topics – so be mindful of that when you are communicating with other people, especially with those who do not hold many of the same beliefs as you. Why? It simply makes for better communication and discussions. You can have some pretty amazing conversations with people if you loosely hold onto your definitions of these words.

Personally, talking about spiritual topics, I often stumble over my words because the English language doesn’t seem to quite do “justice” to whatever it is I’m trying to convey. I’ve made peace with that because I’ve made it more important to understand myself than for others to understand me. And admittedly, I get excited and have too many things to say so I have to take a deep breath so my conscious mind can catch up.

Where does Karma fit into all of this? Well, it’s one of those words. One of those words that means so many things to so many different people based on, but not exclusively, to the things I mentioned at the top of this post. Karma to me is another word to define the Law of Attraction. Yep, the universe did see that, it did feel your energy and it will deliver. What you give out, you will get back. So if you are a positive person with positive intentions and maintain yourself at higher vibration, positive experiences will come into your life. If you are a negative person acting on that negativity and maintaining yourself at a lower vibration, then those type of things and events will be your experience. I do not feel our Higher Power, God or whatever word you choose, punishes us or that you will have to pay in this life for the “wrong doings” in your other lives, which is the definition of Karma some people have adopted.

I’m not here to discuss which definition is right or wrong, good or bad, all truths are what make the Truth. The important part is, and I’m not knocking the dictionary, to define words based on what feels right for you but hold onto those definitions loosely – that way your mind can stay open which may lead you to finding another definition or truth that feels even better. How I define Karma feels right to me but I understand with all things, including myself, growing, evolving and change is part of the game so I remain open. Your intuition will guide you to help your define your words which will ultimately define your truth.

With Love,


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