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Smelly Jellies!

Also known as, home made air fresheners. I was watching t.v. on my one channel which I seldom do, but I’m glad I did because this lady was on talking about how to make your own air fresheners. Cool right? I’m not sure at what age when making my own air fresheners, for instance, became exciting but it was probably solidified around 5 years ago or so, Imagewhen I got a wooden toilet seat for x-mas. Yep, that’s right. No more cold, plastic, used by entirely too many unknown bottoms, toilet seat. I really wanted one and it was my favorite present that year!

You guys know what I’m talking about – all these things that you never paid attention to or appreciated before when you were a kid, suddenly become totally awesome and exciting when you live on your own. For example, when you splurge and buy the “good” toilet paper, you find yourself taking a little extra time or even making more trips to the loo for your silky cashmere-like surprise (to blow your nose obviously…). Or when you trade in your mop and bucket and buy a steam cleaner, you suddenly have a little more pep in your step as you proudly walk around blasting away the dirt. You buy yourself some new pots and pans and you find yourself cooking more because your new kitchen equipment make you excited about cooking. Okay, the last one has yet to happen to me…in real life. I’ll admit cooking more frequently has been on my goals list for many years.

Back to the smelly jellies. I spend enough money on plug-ins and oils etc. because I love my home to smell lovely. Annnnd…there’s also a part of me, that despite how often I clean the kitty litter, is slightly concerned my place will smell like kitty doo-doo. Which bring me to my next question for cat owners. Do your cat(s) have a tendency of “dropping the kImageids off at the sand box” right before someone is to arrive or just as they are walking in? “Welcome friends. *gag* What the ?! It was the cat! I swear!!” It’s like my cat knows…he’s male…my female doesn’t do it. Just sayin’.                            The Doo-Doo Bandit>

So I am going to make some of these smelly jellies on the weekend with my sister. Wild girls’ night in! Woo! It saves money and I like not having all those chemicals floating around in the air. It’s really easy to make or at least the recipe looks easy and the lady on t.v. made it look that way. It’s like making jello but you shouldn’t eat it. Yes, we do live in a society where we have to state the obvious, some times. Here’s a link to the recipe I am going to use: I just came across this website tonight and it has some really neat tips and recipes for all kinds of homemade products. Aside from saving money and more importantly actually, I like when I can pronounce and know what’s in the product I’m using so I think I am going to make it a habit to be more crafty and start making stuff at home. What are some of your favorite crafts or DIY projects/products? I’d love to hear about them! Share in the comments below!

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