Forever I Shall Be

Forever I Shall Be

This poem has been my all time favorite poem for as long as I can remember- I love it! I love how it speaks of the oneness of all things on planet earth, how our loved ones are always with us, and how we never truly die. Death only exists for our physical bodies, but our souls live on forever… for me, that warms my heart.

I’ve always felt like I’m an old soul and that this isn’t my first rodeo on planet Earth- do any of you have experience with past life regressions? I’ve always wanted to know who I was in a past life.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Forever I Shall Be

    1. No, thank you for coming by and for the nice comment! Thought provoking, yay! I like to get people’s wheels turning. Thank you – I love that picture too; I thought it was rather appropriate! 🙂


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