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I Love You


Although this picture is self-explanatory, I wanted to take a bit of time to expand on it. None of us really know when our time or that of our loved ones will be up on planet Earth, when our time to cross over and become fully that which we are and be with our other loved ones will come. But this post isn’t intended to be about the death of our physical selves. Nor is it intended to be a “downer.” But the quote above is an important reminder because it is true and it’s something some of us unintentionally take for granted. Many of us just assume we will get a chance tomorrow, the next day after that and so on and so forth.

The message I do want to share today is the importance of not only living each day to the fullest, but to tell our loved ones we care about them and show them how much they mean to us. Don’t go to bed angry. Apologize because you value your relationship with that person more than you value being “right.” Say “I love you” often. Hug even more. Embrace your emotions and don’t shy away from expressing them. Live in the moment, be present in the now, making memories that will last forever because now is all we really know we have; the past is over and the future hasn’t happened.

Using your words to tell a person how much you care about them is important and has value, I’m stating the obvious here. But showing someone with your actions is even more important. Talk is cheap. I’m not trying to be harsh but there is much more value in what you do than in what you say. This doesn’t just apply to matters of the heart but I’ll save that for maybe another post. It’s easy to say things, it’s requires a genuine effort to follow up your words with actions. And actions don’t have to be grand gestures of proclaiming your love for someone. They can be absolutely but it’s not necessary. I think many people can attest to the fact that the little things take up the most room in their hearts. I’m getting a little side tracked here, which seems rather easy to do when I write since much of what I choose to discuss is so intertwined. But I don’t think I have to change the title/focus on this post just yet. 🙂

Who have you told today how much you love and appreciate them? What have you done to shine a bit of light and love into someone’s life? Spread some love today, if you haven’t already and continue to do so all the days of this life – if not only because tomorrow isn’t promised but because you know how much it warms your heart and soul when you feel the love from someone you care about. People will never forget how you make them feel so why wouldn’t you want to be the catalyst for warming the heart of someone else?

Love is oneness, my friends.
And as always,
Much Love.


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