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Believe Nothing

Believe Nothing

This picture is self-explanatory. Unless something resonates with you, don’t believe it, regardless of it’s source. Your beliefs will create your reality so it’s important to find the things in life that make sense to you. Create your truth so you can live authentically and happily, within the reality you have created for yourself.

“Of course I talk to myself, some times I need expert advice.” šŸ™‚ And you of course, of all people, are going to know what is best for you. You are your expert!


  • Side Note: For those of you who are not a WordPress member, you can now leave comments without having to put in your name and e-mail address. 3 lines will show up- one for your name, e-mail address, and website; however, these are optional. I learned something new today, go me! šŸ™‚ So comment away!

2 thoughts on “Believe Nothing

  1. beliefs come and go…and they change…we can hold them and release them..our entire universe comes into being and is destroyed with one cycle of the breath ..and maybe I love you


    1. I agree with you that our beliefs are ever changing, change is inevitable so it is important to be open minded. I don’t, however, believe that our universe can or will ever be destroyed. Maybe I am misinterpreting what you mean but life is eternal. There is no end. šŸ™‚


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