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My Meaning of Christmas

I wanted to write about Christmas and what it means to me, without coming across as though I am standing on my soapbox so to speak. Admittedly, I am struggling a bit as to where to begin, since I know this a challenging topic for some to read or speak about in a respectful, open manner. But as always, these are my beliefs and those of you who choose to read this can either agree or disagree=free will baby!

Many Christian holidays originated as pagan holidays and I am curious as to how many people actually know this historical fact? Ponder that one for a moment. Do you really know the history behind the holidays you celebrate? Do you really know the history behind the belief system you hold to near and dear to your heart? And how does it feel in your gut and heart? I’m just playing “devil’s advocate” here for a moment because I don’t think we, as a society, ask enough questions- tough questions. We have come accustomed to take on a belief (in any area of our lives) based on what someone else has told us to be the truth, without discovering our own Truth. And unfortunately, many of us are living someone else’s truth, someone else’s life essentially and do so for the entire length of time we are incarnated here. Always be curious, ask questions, educate yourself, and never settle for an answer that doesn’t feel good to you so you can live Your Truth. I’ll leave it there before I have to change the title of this blog. 🙂

Christmas has become an incredibly commercialized holiday, and it appears to be getting worse as the years go by. Working in retail, I see how much anger, and some times violence comes out of some at this time of year. It’s truly mind boggling; it’s something that I will never understand but I’ve made peace with it. I have also seen the kind-heartedness and love that makes my heart melt so I put my focus on that.

Christmas isn’t about going into debt or taking out a loan to buy presents for loved ones. I understand it is a nice feeling to spoil those we love; I enjoy doing it as well. But if you are in financial position where you do not have the money to buy everyone or anyone for that matter, a gift, then give them something from the heart. Bake cookies or make a homemade card, for example-there are so many inexpensive things you can do that have more meaning than something store bought. There is absolutely nothing wrong with living within your means. When the bills come in after the holiday season is over, you are not starting your new year off stressed out, drowning in the mountain of debt you have created.

Also, spend time with those you want to spend time with. This should apply 365 days of the year; however, I often hear so many people feeling “forced” to spend time with people they wouldn’t any other time of the year. If it is only going to be a source of stress for you then don’t do it. End of story. The only person at the end of the day you have to truly answer to is you.

Although I am not a religious person, I do believe in a higher power and I do celebrate Christmas but it has a different meaning than it once had. Christmas for me is spending time with loved ones, surrounded by warmth, laughter, love and good food…and admittedly, a few too many beverages. It’s a holiday that is suppose to bring people closer together. Yes, there is gift giving- but it’s because I can afford to do so and I pay cash. If there comes a time again, where I cannot afford store bought gifts (since this has happened in the past) then I will be more than happy to make cookies and cards and I will give it away with just as much love as I do any other year. Or maybe one of these years, I will be creative and give away something from the heart simply because I can.

Wherever you will be, whatever you are celebrating, I hope you make this holiday season everything you want it to be. Because after all, it will be what you make of it. See all of you in the new year!



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