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Music and Thoughts for the Soul

This song is one of my favorites. The setting is beautiful and so are the artists. There’s so much talent in this song and when I hear it, it’s so uplifting! African and Native American inspired music really speaks to my soul.

Recent events in the media have sparked a few different thoughts and this blog is not intended to be about that topic; just some general things I am reminded of and have the urge to share with you. Society is a reflection of us, the masses. And depending on your perspective, that is either a wonderful or frightening thought or somewhere in between. Although there is so much good that often goes unnoticed, the time is long overdue to start celebrating our oneness instead of our differences; to start working together instead of against one another; to realize that each and every one of us at the end of the day wants to be loved and accepted. At the core of who we are, beyond our skin and bones and “human-ness”, we are more alike than any of us can imagine.

Change is inevitable. The system is broken; there’s no doubt about that. And I look forward to the day when it crumbles so we can rebuild it, start anew and get back to basics. And when I say basics, I mean get back to who we all truly are; to start living our lives collectively in a way that not only benefits us humans but all things living on planet Earth, including the planet itself.

So tonight, this song will be on repeat since it feeds my soul. It helps me remain hopeful for humanity that in my lifetime, I will be witness to global, concrete, positive changes for those who have chosen to come to planet Earth. Until that time, I will continue to beat the drum to my own rhythm, be myself and hopefully in the process, shine some light on those around me.



4 thoughts on “Music and Thoughts for the Soul

  1. Good words.. It’s always darkest before the dawn.. I am sure within your life time you will be witness to a shift in human consciousness.. It starts with you and me and other like minded souls.. Namaste.. jad1950


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