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Food For Thought # 14

“An ever increasing number of us are moving, shifting into 5th dimensional unity consciousness at this nexus point in time. In so doing they are leaving behind, releasing, what no longer serves their individual well being. From my perspective, this shift can be viewed as a most auspicious time and/or a most tumultuous time as the convergence of new and old paradigms clash resulting in many profound and disturbing revelations. Where will this eventually lead us? What comes for all this?

Our diversity, for one, in all manner of things will eventually be seen as a gift and no longer used as an excuse to raise a fist in anger or a reason to blame another for our own unhealed wounds. This is an inner quest, an inside job, with everyone having a unique experience in a time frame of their own choosing. Therefore, we will likely see the old 3D paradigm play out along side of the 5D unity consciousness for a while. One could say even now that some of us are walking between both of those worlds.

As we know, there are seasons of change, cycles come and go. This is universal law and the old paradigm is in late winter. Its destiny was written by its own hand and hence the inevitable demise of it all. At some point it will fade from our reality. A most challenging time to be sure as we realize that most of what we held true will be seen as illusion, as half truths.

Another revelation, from a long list, that will become known as the new 5D energies permeate, flow through our being, will be how intimately we are all connected at the very foundation of our existence. The evolution of this gem will be the genesis of a new understanding of what it means to conscious, to be aware of Self. Those around us who we now call ‘others’ will be seen as our cosmic brothers and sisters. And some where along the way we will know at our core that we are all reflections of each other. There is only the ONE
Infinite I AM here.

And you my friend, are woven into it all. How would we be in the world if we held this truth in our hearts?” ~ John Dunn

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Self Love & Reset: Focusing On What Is In My Control Continued

I sense that many of you are like me and have been having hard time sleeping. Am I right? So on a few of these nights, as I laid awake in bed, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a few free workshops. I decided in those moments to sign up for Teal Swan’s 28 Day Self Love Challenge and Jay Shetty’s 2021 Reset Workshop. Today is day 3 of the Self Love Challenge and today was the first day of the Reset Workshop. I am feeling inspired, so I wanted to write to all of you!
You may recall one of my earlier posts, See You Never 2020, where I was discussing that my focus has been on the things that I CAN control (which is nothing outside of myself) like my thoughts, habits, etc. The world is in chaos in many ways, and with no clear “end date.” Tuning into my inner world, checking in to see how I’m showing up for myself, and making adjustments where needed has been very helpful in navigating these heavy times. But I thought I could use some help – no shame in that – and why not take advantage of these free resources? Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
With the self love challenge, we ask ourselves every day when we are making decisions, “What would someone who loves themselves do?” Such a simple but profound question. In the reset workshop, today we started with a meditation, and discussed how to build one habit we want to integrate into our lives. You guessed mine probably – to build a better sleep and wake schedule. 🙂 Both of these resources connect everyone that is participating through a Facebook group to share our experiences (if we feel called to do so). The energy of connecting with tens of thousands of people is palpable and powerful!
It’s not too late to join in on either of these and they can easily be found through Facebook. This is not some paid promotional post; I simply want to share with you some tools that are helping me along my path. Perhaps you will feel called to take advantage of these as well. And these do not cost anything other than time. I truly believe if we spent just as much time focusing on our inner world, as we do our outer world, society as we know it would shift overnight. I know that may seem like an oversimplification to the deeply embedded, toxic systems and problems in our world, but I am convinced if we spent more time and energy on being the best version of ourselves, and less time and energy focusing on what everyone else is doing, our lives would be vastly different. What we have been collectively doing clearly isn’t working. And hasn’t been for a long time.
On the other side of being vulnerable, honest, and diving deep into ourselves, is more peace, more happiness, more love in my experience. It’s tough work – taking full responsibility for our lives requires feeling all the shitty feelings, admitting we’re not perfect, crying, purging, grieving and picking ourselves up when we fall down, it is also about celebration of life and how we choose to lead it. We end up creating space for more of what we want.
I joined both of these challenges because I shit the bed from time to time on my self care, and prioritizing my needs, and I want a way to be held accountable. I overextend myself some times and allow myself to be more concerned about the mental health of the people I love than I do my own. I want to give myself the love that I so freely give to others. I want to remind myself every day of how important I am to me, and that I am worthy of the same amount of time and energy I give to others. Having a big heart is both a blessing and a curse. This is another way I can show up for myself by focusing on what I can control. It’s not that I have forgotten these things, it’s simply that these are skills that need to be practiced consistently in order to truly build healthy habits. I love learning!
So wherever you are, however you are feeling, I’d like to encourage you to ask yourself how you can show up better for yourself. Maybe it is checking out these resources. Maybe it is simply remembering to breath deeply through whatever you are processing. You are worthy of every bit of time, every moment you spend, every step you take to show up for yourself with a little extra love. The world can be an unkind place, so together let’s show up for ourselves in a kinder, gentler, more loving way.
If you are participating in either of these challenges, I’d love to know and hear how it’s going for you! Let me know if this is the case in the comments below. I’d also love to hear how you are prioritizing yourself these days – what habits and activities are you doing to navigate these uncertain times.

Big love to you ‘til next time,

Food For Thought

Food For Thought # 13

“Where there is fear, love is not far behind. Where darkness reigns, the light rises to face it head on. When despair lingers, hope springs forth for it is eternal. When sadness fills your heart, know that joy is sure to follow. When you fall to your knees hold true the knowing that as you rise once again you are now more than you were before. When tears flow down your face remind yourself that these are but words that your heart could not speak. Relief comes from this. If your truths fail you, remember my friends that we are all in a state of becoming more. Deeper truths will always come your way when you allow them. These are a few examples of the Law of Balance at play.”

~John Dunn

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Food For Thought # 12

“There are many laws that govern our universe which are not well known that lie at the most foundational level, beneath what we define as our material existence. I speak here of laws that are woven into the fabric of it all, including ourselves. Understanding this even at a most basic level is life altering and uplifting. “We reap the seeds we sow” is recognition of the Law of Attraction. So through the lens of this knowing we can come to the conclusion that the quagmire we now find ourselves in is of our own doing. No judgement is intended here. As previously mentioned, the silver lining to our current situation is the great awakening, the igniting, the rising up of the very life force that not only animates our physical bodies but all that we see around us as well. We can define this as feelings of love, freedom, compassion, integrity, hope and so on. This would be your choice. There is a clarion wake up call that is no longer a whisper but a roar; no longer can it be ignored. We are being invited to step into our true nature. This re-emergence will lift our amnesia with the knowledge that we are co-creators in this reality. We author, produce and are playing the main characters in the human story. And a beautiful story it will be. What role will you play?” ~ John Dunn